Traditional flu in corona times: who should be vaccinated?

It is impossible to predict whether we will get a second flare-up of Covid-19 this winter. But we do know that traditional flu will make its appearance again in the autumn. And this has possible consequences for the pressure on the healthcare system.

Similar symptoms

At the start of the outbreak, Covid-19 was immediately compared with flu. This is no coincidence, as the symptoms of the two viral infections are similar: fever, breathing problems, respiratory infections and muscle pain.

If you think you have flu, you will therefore have to be tested for coronavirus. So more corona tests, which increases the pressure on the healthcare system.

This pressure is high in the autumn anyway: every year a lot of risk patients end up in hospital with flu. If the corona epidemic flares up again during the same period, the healthcare sector threatens to be overloaded.

The importance of the flu vaccine

If there is a second peak of coronavirus, we need to guarantee our healthcare capacity as much as possible; we therefore have to minimise the impact of flu on healthcare. Flu vaccines may play an important role here.

Who should be vaccinated then? The risk group for flu and Covid-19 is largely similar: those over the age of 50 and people with chronic conditions. The Superior Health Council therefore advises that priority should be given to the flu vaccine. In addition to the risk patients for flu, the Superior Health Council recommends that priority should also be given to their household members, pregnant women and people working in the healthcare sector. This last group then indirectly protects patients, but also themselves. By having a flu vaccine, they help guarantee their own availability if there is a new wave of Covid-19.

It is also useful to vaccinate all persons older than 50 , even if they do not suffer from a condition that puts them at higher risk. In addition to the increased risk that they will develop flu due to their age, there is also the likelihood that one in three show at least one factor that increases the risk of complications. This mainly involves people who smoke, drink too much alcohol and/or are overweight.

Should everyone be vaccinated?

Moreover, according to recent medical literature, it cannot be excluded that someone can contract flu and Covid-19 at the same time. So isn’t it better to vaccinate everyone? Even before the outbreak of coronavirus, flu vaccines were produced on the basis of previous years, therefore a wider cover of the flu vaccine is unrealistic.

Do not delay ordering flu vaccines!

The demand will be high this year and the quantity of vaccines is limited. So order your vaccines in time. Both customers and non-customers can order vaccines.

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