Reopening the hospitality industry: open your sidewalk café safely with this checklist

There is a lot involved in safely welcoming customers to a sidewalk café. We have created a handy checklist to make the implementation of all preventive measures easy to understand for professionals in the hospitality sector. We’ll provide you with some additional explanations and tips in this blog post.

There are many rules and measures in place to safely set up a sidewalk café, welcome customers, and ensure that all COVID-19 measures are observed by everyone. Therefore, we have compiled all the points for attention into a practical checklist.

Download the checklist for reopening sidewalk cafés.

Useful documents and sites

These documents can also be important in order to steer the reopening in the right direction:

At the same time, you should still keep a monthly record of which employees are present at the workplace because teleworking is impossible for them.

What about testing in the workplace?

Strict rules apply to the use of rapid tests and self-tests in the workplace. As an employer, you cannot force employees to get tested. It is the occupational physician who, in consultation with the employer, decides whether testing is useful, who is eligible, and what type of testing should be used. It is also the occupational physician who determines the frequency and duration of testing.

At the same time, the availability of occupational physicians to organise and assist with testing in the workplace is not unlimited. Therefore, it may be a sensible recommendation for the hospitality industry to agree on the use of self-testing in the private sector in consultation with your employees. Employees can voluntarily test themselves, for example, twice a week, at their own initiative. In case of a positive test, they must immediately contact their general practitioner and go into isolation in anticipation of a second text. After a positive self-test carried out at home, an additional PCR test must always be carried out by a doctor.

On to a safe reopening and a beautiful summer!