Confederatie Bouw campaign aims to reduce high number of workplace accidents


No fewer than 56 workplace accidents occur daily in the construction industry. The Confederatie Bouw finds this to be an unacceptable number, which is why the organisation is launching a new charter and corresponding campaign entitled ‘Safety My Priority’. The goal is to cut in half the number of accidents on construction sites by 2021.

In 2017, 10% of all work-related accidents in our country took place in the construction sector. Each month, a fatality occurred either on-site or en route to a site. “That is difficult to comprehend on a human, societal and economic level,” stresses Paul Depreter, Chairman of the Confederatie Bouw.

Focus on company culture as the first step

This is why the organisation is launching ‘Safety My Priority’, a broad awareness-raising campaign that includes a charter. The campaign points out to building contractors the necessity of reducing risks to a minimum at a work site. The message: safety is top priority at all times - among employees, sub-contractors and partners. Building contractors who join the campaign can sign the charter.

To support the sector, the Confederatie Bouw is publishing a number of magazines containing insights, practical tips and focal areas. The first edition = ‘Safe construction: think before acting!’ spotlights the importance of a company culture with a focus on safety.

Political action also requested

The Confederatie Bouw is also appealing to the government to consider safety an essential criterion when contracting out government projects. The industry association also wants safe working to be a mandatory part of all construction training and education.

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