European Week for safety and health at work: healthy workplaces for all ages


Today is the first day of the European Week for safety and health at work, an initiative organised by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OHSA). Throughout this week, many awareness-raising events are held to highlight the importance of healthy workplaces for all ages.  

By the year 2030, the number of employees aged between 55 and 64 will represent around 30% of the working population in many European countries, according to EU-OHSA. The agency explains how the rising retirement age is another good reason to put in an extra effort to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for all ages.  

Ageing working population

The ageing working population presents additional challenges in terms of health and safety at work:

  • more employees with chronic health issues or specific needs;
  • longer exposure of employees to workplace hazards;
  • health problems associated with jobs that are physically and/or mentally demanding or involve atypical working hours;
  • employee incapacity, rehabilitation and reintegration require additional efforts.

A sustainable working life for young and old

An increased focus on health and safety at work in the context of the ageing working population will improve the well-being and day-to-day work experience for all your employees. It will also have a positive impact on the productivity, cost effectiveness and illness-related absenteeism within your organisation.

The key to a sustainable working life for all ages is ensuring that employers, managers and employees work together on creating a safe and healthy work environment. They can do this by pointing out and discussing health and safety issues, looking for solutions, and communicating in a clear, effective manner. Use our blog and the tools and publications by EU-OHSA to help you along the way.  

A week of online inspiration

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