What measures are in place during the fourth wave?


Covid-19 infections are increasing rapidly. In order to break this trend and ensure that the healthcare system does not capsize, stricter measures are back in place. Below is an overview.

Teleworking is again temporarily mandatory for all jobs that allow it. Exceptions are allowed for functions that have to ensure the continuity of business operations, activities, or services.

  • Until 19 December, each teleworker may be in the office for a maximum of one day a week. No more than 20% of the employees may be physically present at any one time.
  • As from 20 December, an employee may go to the office up to two days a week. The maximum physical presence is 40%.
  • You must maintain the monthly electronic register once again via the National Social Security Office’s portal. SMEs employing less than five people do not have to submit a telework declaration to the NSSO.

Common preventive measures

In addition to teleworking, the usual Covid-19 measures remain in full force. You can find an overview of useful prevention measures for your sector on our Covid-19 site. For the most up-to-date information, please visit info-coronavirus.be.

The generic government guide has also been updated. View the latest version or the overview of all updates over time.

Continue to raise awareness about vaccination

Vaccination remains important. Even though current vaccines do not fully protect against infection, they greatly reduce the risk of serious illness and hospitalisation. Therefore, guide doubtful colleagues to the right information via this clear poster.

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