Mensura supports ELA in fight against leukodystrophy


Leukodystrophies are a group of progressive, genetic diseases that affect the nervous system. As a sponsor of the European Leukodystrophies Association (ELA), Mensura will be supporting seven walking and running events in the Wallonia region.

“The sponsor deal consists of two parts”, says Roland Vandermeulen, Health Manager at Mensura. “We cover the cost of first-aid assistance provided by the Red Cross during these events, and at the same time, we help participants with practical information and advice for their health and well-being during the so-called Health Minute right before the starter gun goes off.”

Everyone on board

“On 28 September, the entire Wallonia-based team of Mensura will be taking part in the ELA race in Gosselies (Charleroi)”, regional manager Véronique Provis adds. “All other events will be attended by some of our staff to deliver Mensura’s promotional material and to help participants during the Health Minute.”

Ready, set, go!

“We encourage everyone to come and join us in support of this good cause. Not just our team members living nearby, but also their family and friends, and our customers as well. The more, the better! To register for an event, you need to sign up as a team of three, and each team member must arrive at the finish line at the same time. All funds raised go directly to the European Leukodystrophies Association.”

Practical details

4 May – Parc industriel Nord de Wavre
Chaussee du Chateau de la Bawette 5 – 1300 Waver

18 May – Hotel de ville d'Athus
Haute 22 – 6791 Athus

1 Juin – Interface Entreprises-Université / Espace Eureka - LIEGE Science Park
Avenue Pre Aily 4 – 4031 Angleur

21 Juin – Parc Scientifique Crealys @trium
Rue Camille Hubert 2 – 5032 Les Isnes (Gembloux)

28 September – AEROPOLE-Point Centre
Avenue George Lemaitre 19 – 6041 Charleroi

5 October – Centre Sportif de Blocry
Place des Sports 1 – 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve

26 October – La Ville de MONS et La Maison de l'Entreprise / Parc Scientifique INITIALIS
Rue Descartes 2 – 7000 Bergen

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