Please Stand Up: Belgian Cardiology League wages war on seated meetings


We are all spending too much time sitting down, especially those of us with a sedentary profession. The consequences are serious: lower back pain, higher risk of diabetes or heart disease, decreasing productivity and ultimately increased absenteeism. The Cardiology League is running the ‘Please Stand Up’ campaign to sound the alarm.

The League aims to make employers aware of the risks of sitting for a long period of time. At the same time, it highlights the advantages of having fit employees and provides simple tips for an active lifestyle.

Simple actions, big result

Rather than hold seated meetings, the Belgian Cardiology League is asking people to stand up when they gather. The initiative is meant to help colleagues break the habit of sitting still too much and for too long, a first step towards a more active lifestyle at work.

The campaign website offers simple tips to avoid a sedentary life and testimonials from organisations determined to establish an active lifestyle. Companies can register to participate, and will receive posters, logos and teaching material to spread the word.

Fun fact: the website is only accessible via a mobile device, which implies that, ideally, you are already standing or walking when you visit it.

Launch your own campaign

Besides stand-up meetings, employers can do even more to encourage employees to exercise regularly:

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