Prevent awards a prize to a thesis on telework and mental health


The lingering Covid-19 crisis was an accelerator in making teleworking a widespread practice. But every new work situation also brings new risks. Clara Carlier and Virginie Vandereyken, both psychosocial prevention advisers, wrote a thesis about this. They received a Prevent award for their thesis this past October.

“Our research focused on the effects of the sudden introduction of compulsory teleworking in the spring of 2020 on the mental health of employees. We compared the experiences of colleagues with the literature and looked at what the obstacles were in order to come up with concrete recommendations,” explains Clara Carlier.

“A clear framework and policy within organisations appear to be necessary. Employees must find a way to meet basic needs such as autonomy, connectedness, and competence on an individual basis,” adds Virginie Vandereyken. “The direct manager plays a crucial role in supporting employees and meeting their basic needs.”

Their thesis won prizes this autumn. Clara and Virginie took home a Prevent award. Congratulations!

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