Results known of vaccination study in residential care centres with support from Mensura


At the start of the vaccination campaign, Sciensano initiated the PICOV-VAC study in two Belgian residential care centres. Vaccines and the extent to which they produce antibodies were tested among both residents and staff. Mensura supported the setting up of the study, the recruitment of the residential care centres, the study nurses, and the follow-up of the study.

Both residents and staff of residential care centres produce antibodies against the coronavirus after vaccination with the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine. However, the amount of antibodies is significantly higher in people who had a COVID-19 infection before the vaccination. Residents who have not previously contracted COVID-19 produce the lowest amounts of antibodies after two doses. They may therefore benefit from a third injection.

The PICOV-VAC study was conducted by Sciensano, ULB, the Institute of Tropical Medicine, ULi├Ęge and Mensura.

More information about the study and the results can be found on the Sciensano website.

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