Thesis takes ergonomics at TVH to a higher level


Ruth Costers, prevention expert at Mensura, studied the design of TVH’s new pick & pack station as part of her additional training in ergonomics. She explained the process in her thesis and guided the evaluation of the mock-up and test setup. 

From observations to mock-up

Assisted by the internal prevention team, Ruth Costers observed the working environment at TVH, interviewed the employees and built a prototype of the new pick & pack station. By comparing the measurements taken on the test set-up with those at the current stations, she gained insight into the employees’ muscle strain.

Adjustable design

The test resulted in the final design: a height adjustable pick & pack station. Ruth Costers: “Since the working height is adapted to their bodies, both small and tall users benefit from the new design. Whenever possible, the reaching distances to items have also been reduced and the display of the number and type has been clarified. These improvements make sure there is less muscle strain and reduced cognitive load, which in turn improves employee productivity and reduces the risk of absenteeism.”


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