Tournée Minérale 2020: challenge your employees


The DrugLijn and the Foundation against Cancer are organising the fourth edition of Tournée Minérale this February. As an employer, challenge your employees not to drink alcohol for a month and experience the positive effects on body and mind.

Tournée Minérale works

In 2019, 18% of Belgians took part in Tournée Minérale. Of those participants, 77% succeeded in not drinking alcohol for a month. For the majority of the participants, it is a positive experience, in which they experience at least one of these benefits:

  • more energy
  • better sleep
  • money savings
  • healthier weight
  • glowing skin
  • more time

These positive effects are not limited to February alone. Research by the University of Ghent shows that the participants still feel better six months after Tournée Minérale and, therefore, maintain their changed alcohol habits.

Why participate as a company?

As an employer you have at least three good reasons to participate in Tournée Minérale as a company: your employees become more productive, you finance vital cancer research, and you reinforce your alcohol and drug policy. Research by KU Leuven also reveals that one in ten employees who drink alcohol feels that his or her work suffers as a result.

Sign up and follow the three-step plan

This year, the initiators will focus even more strongly on organisations than in previous years. You can register your organisation quickly and easily on the Tournée Minérale website. Follow the three-step plan to make your initiative a success:

  • Create a team and invite your employees to participate.
  • Order the free toolbox with promotional material to put the campaign in the spotlight.
  • Download useful tips to get the most out of Tournée Minérale.

Mensura is also taking part again. “Based on the input from the Vitality Scan, we mapped out which initiatives our colleagues would most appreciate to feel vital and healthy. One of the action points is to focus on healthy eating and drinking. Tournée Minérale ties into this perfectly. Each employee receives a water bottle made from 100% recycled sugar cane. So we accept the challenge.” Will your organisation accept it too.

Tips for employers

Tournée Minérale is a great initiative to join as an organisation. But as an employer, you can still take steps to ban substances in the workplace and keep your employees healthy.

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