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How do I prevent infection in the workplace? Are you allowed to send employees who are ill to the occupational physician? We answer the most urgent questions.

How do you prevent your employees from becoming infected?

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 What can you (not) do to keep your organisation up and running? 

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What’s the situation in Belgium?

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Protect employees

By taking the required prevention measures, you can help to limit the risk of the coronavirus spreading in your organisation. Employees also require mental support during this crisis. We get you started with, among other things, posters and infographics and videos.

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How we can help you

Our Mensura experts will support you in word and deed, in the area of psychosocial help, medical supervision and risk management. Our prevention advisors will also answer your questions, and offer advice and tips.

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Healthy and productive working from home

Now that so many of us are obliged to work from home for a long period we must find ways to optimise the process. By which we mean: productive and healthy! After all, even when we work from home it is important to keep an eye on our physical and mental well-being. We guide you through eight steps towards the perfect working from home environment.

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How do I restart my organisation and also protect people’s health and safety?

Perhaps your business was forced into lockdown or your activities were very limited over the last few weeks, due to the corona crisis. However, you are gradually looking to prepare to make a new start. This guide will help you get your employees back to work safely and healthily.

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Tips and insights about working safely during the coronavirus crisis

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