Corona times at work: all the information

The new generic guide has been in force to combat COVID-19 as of 7 March 2022. The measures described in the guide allow staff to continue working in safe and healthy conditions during an epidemic or pandemic. Belgium is currently in the vigilance phase, the basic level of protection.​

Safe and healthy work

The latest – and now the eighth – version of the generic guide includes a barometer. Different measures apply depending on the phase (green, orange, or red):

Green phase: controlling the spread of a virus (vigilance)

  • To control the spread of contagion, you as an employer, together with your prevention officers, must decide what measures are still necessary.
  • Ventilation and social distancing are always important. Face masks are recommended when it is impossible to maintain sufficient distance.

Orange phase: limiting the spread of a virus (intervention)

  • More caution is needed or clusters of infected people will form.
  • You can activate this phase after you consult with the occupational physician. The government can also declare this phase.
  • Face masks are required when sufficient distance cannot be maintained.

Red phase: avoiding closures (critical phase)

  • All hands on deck to avoid another lockdown.
  • As an employer, you can declare this phase after you consult with the occupational physician. The government can also intervene.
  • Face masks are compulsory when moving from one place to another.

Disease symptoms and testing strategy

This poster shows what to do in case of disease symptoms or a positive test for corona.

Prevent infection

Above all, observe the familiar basic principles to prevent infection:

  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Provide plenty of ventilation and/or, preferably, organise activities outside.
  • Keep your distance. If this is not possible, a face mask is recommended (e.g. lifts, workstations, employer organised transport, etc.)
  • If you feel sick, stay home.

Relevant documents for this phase

Mental impact not yet over

Not everyone feels comfortable now that most of the measures are being dropped or relaxed. Always take such feelings seriously. As standard, your employees are entitled to a confidential consultation with a psychosocial prevention adviser. Your employee can contact us at phone number 02/549 71 57 or via This reduces the chances of people missing days at work because they are struggling mentally. Read all about it in our FAQ.

You can also contact us for specific tailor-made workshops – for example, on telework or resilience – at


Healthy and productive homeworking

The increase in hybrid work – a combination of office and teleworking – is presenting employers with a number of complex questions. How do you guarantee the well-being and productivity of your employees? And how do you develop a sustainable teleworking policy?

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