Practical videos for employers and employees

Employers and employees are facing unprecedented challenges due to the coronavirus crisis, including the correct use of face masks, staying healthy while working from home, and coping with fear and uncertainty. We share tips and advice in these videos.

Correct hand washing in 10 steps

How to manage anxiety or worries about the corona crisis

The coronavirus and how it is reported in the media is causing many people stress, anxiety or sleepless nights. This short webinar by our partner Wellways explains how you can manage these feelings.

How to wear a face mask safely

This video will guide you through the steps to follow.

4 steps to correctly wearing an FFP mask

Doctors, nursing staff, and laboratory workers must protect themselves from the new coronavirus using an FFP2 or FFP3 mask. However, such masks only offer protection when put on and removed correctly. This video shows you exactly how to do it.

These respiratory masks are intended exclusively for carers and laboratory workers. For those not working in the healthcare sector, the measures against the common flu are sufficient.