A healthy workforce

Healthy employees add a boost of energy to your organisation: they contribute to increased productivity at work, greater job satisfaction, a positive work environment and reduced worker absenteeism. Promoting a healthy lifestyle among your workers will benefit both your company and your people. Creating healthy eating habits, getting adequate physical exercise, quitting smoking, reducing alcohol intake and preventing long-term stress are all healthy lifestyle changes that you as an employer can actively support.


Diagnosis: Belgians lead an unhealthy lifestyle at work and at home

The working population in Belgium is not doing well in terms of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  

Some alarming statistics:

  • Half of the Belgian population are overweight or obese.
  • Belgians spend an average of six hours a day sitting down.
  • High cholesterol levels are recorded among 44% of those who underwent a medical exam.
  • 62% of the Belgian population do not get adequate physical exercise.

What we eat and how much we move are major contributors to how effectively we manage our health. Not only at home, but also at work. Lack of physical exercise among workers is now officially a health hazard.

Improve the health of your workers

Employers can contribute significantly to promoting a healthier lifestyle among workers. Healthy employees have more energy and are less likely to be absent from work due to illness. Efforts made by the employer to boost the health of their employees will generally also lead to greater job satisfaction. Some things you can do as an employer:

  • organise workshops on healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle
  • make healthy snacks and beverages available in vending machines, or even provide a fruit bowl for a quick, healthy snack
  • encourage employees to move more, for instance by taking the stairs instead of the elevator
  • encourage employees to travel to work (partly) on their bike or on foot
  • provide ergonomic desks and chairs for your workers
  • personalised health tips from an expert physician during preventive medical exams (health checks)

Mensura will advise you

  • Incorporate this focus on health into the overall strategy of your organisation to ensure long-term effectiveness and improved health among your workers.
  • Your employees will need to make changes if they wish to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Employers can assist their employees in achieving this goal. Research shows that promoting healthy eating habits and adequate physical exercise are most effective.
  • Organisations can hire consultants for advice and guidance on the development and  implementation of successful health policies. The team at Mensura can assist you throughout this entire process.


  • The health policy is incorporated in the company’s policies to ensure long-term effectiveness. Proper implementation of the health policy will result in greater return on investment.
  • Your employees gain insight in their current lifestyle and are encouraged to work towards healthier habits.
  • Health risks and illnesses can be detected sooner and may be prevented.  
  • As an employer, you promote the health and vitality of every employee and of the entire organisation.
  • Healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle contribute to reduced worker absenteeism, greater job satisfaction and increased productivity at work.
  • You get a better idea of the overall health of your workforce.

Mensura will train your employees

Promoting the health of your workers requires an ongoing effort. Take a look at the workshops below for inspiration.

Training courses on health promotion

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