Tools for psychosocial prevention

As an employer, you have every interest in clearly identifying the psychosocial risks in the workplace. The tools below can help you gain insight into the mental well-being of your employees at the organisational, departmental, and individual levels. This is indispensable as a starting point for drawing up an effective action plan.

1. Sonar: how is your employees’ well-being?

How do you monitor the well-being of your employees? The best way to get a well-founded view of this is to ask your employees how they physically and (especially) mentally experience the execution of their job and their interpersonal relationships. In other words: by conducting a psychosocial risk analysis.

This can be done easily and accessibly using Mensura’s Sonar method. This integrated quantitative and qualitative method allows employees to indicate to what extent they are satisfied with specific job aspects and how important these are to them. Furthermore, they can also suggest improvements themselves. The result is a powerful action plan allowing you, as the employer, to make tremendous progress.


Sonar advantages:

  • Integrated quantitative and qualitative psychosocial risk analysis
  • Complete overview of the psychosocial risks within your organisation
  • Specific action points to improve psychosocial well-being, with support from Mensura
  • Individual report for the employee
  • Accessible via PC or mobile device

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2. Stress Q: how do individual employees experience stress?

Stress is one of the most important psychosocial risks in the workplace.

After having completed a Sonar project you can consider the Stress Q.. This online questionnaire gauges your employees’ individual perception of stress. Employees will need 10 minutes or less to answer several statements and receive a personal report at the end. This also includes specific, customised tips that participants can use immediately.

The answers are completely anonymous. As an employer, you will receive the anonymous group results. This allows for appropriate measures to be taken. In this way you ensure that your organisation remains fit and productive.

Benefits of Stress Q

  • Tool to map individual perceptions of stress
  • Unique: personal report with specific, customised tips
  • Anonymised group results for employer
  • Accessible via PC or mobile device

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