Lifestyle Screening: map the lifestyle of your employees

An overall, objective insight into the lifestyle of employees is indispensable when establishing a targeted vitality plan. The info you need is gathered through our Lifestyle Screening. What’s more, employees will receive advice that is relevant to their lifestyle.

Why choose Mensura’s Lifestyle Screening?

  • Preventive
    The Lifestyle Screening detects possible habits and health risks in your employees so they can intervene (in time). Employees can be referred to a GP or specialist, if necessary.
  • Raising awareness
    Employees are given personalised lifestyle advice they can use to make changes and take decisions.
  • Insight
    To measure is to know: you will receive an overall, objective overview of your employees’ lifestyle. The (anonymous) results can be used as a framework for a targeted and efficient health policy.
  • Employer branding
    Your policy confirms you are a committed and engaged employer. This motivates existing employees and could attract new talent.

The final report contains clear conclusions and specific recommendations, which we used to get started straight away. The employees were also very happy with their personal advice. That's why we want to repeat Lifestyle Screening next year, so we can continue to monitor the vitality of employees.

Annemie Boone Member of the management team at Kind&Gezin

How does Lifestyle Screening work?

1. Initial consultation

Together, we’ll discuss how to organise the Lifestyle Screening for your company.

2. Registration

Your employees register for the survey voluntarily. The more participants, the more accurate the overall analysis will be. Therefore, encouraging employees to take part in Lifestyle Screening is certainly worthwhile.

We require at least 20 participants to evaluate the survey results and create an anonymous report tailored to your company.

3. Appointment confirmation

14 days before their appointment, registered employees will receive an e-mail containing their appointment confirmation and all the practical information they need. Employees will also receive a questionnaire, which they should complete and bring with them to the examination at one of the many Mensura Vitality Centres throughout Belgium.

4. Lifestyle Screening

A Mensura lifestyle consultant will carry out the screening:

  • the medical questionnaire will be discussed with the employee;
  • biometrics: measuring height, weight, Body Mass Index (BMI) and abdominal girth
  • blood pressure measurement;
  • cholesterol levels in the blood are measured using a finger prick blood sample;
  • determination of the risk of diabetes type 2 using the FINDRISC test (= Finnish Diabetes Risk Score). In case of increased risk, the lifestyle advisor will also take a finger prick blood sample. 

The lifestyle advisor will discuss the results that are available immediately (including biometrics, blood pressure and eye test) with the employee and provide health advice relating to exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress and substance use. If necessary, the advisor will refer the employee to the GP or a specialist.

The employee will receive a personalised report by post within two weeks. This report contains all results and recommendations.

5. Feedback

If at least 20 employees take part in the Lifestyle Screening, we can compile an anonymised group report for your organisation. Together, we will discuss specific recommendations for your vitality plan.