Cancer Screening Pack: preventive cancer screening for employees

An average of 186 Belgians are diagnosed with cancer every day. The Cancer Screening Pack offers your employees voluntary and preventive screening for a number of common cancers (breast cancer, colorectal cancer and prostate cancer). The Cancer Screening Pack is strongly recommended, particularly for employees over 50 years of age.

Why choose Mensura’s Cancer Screening Pack?

  • Preventive
    The Cancer Screening Pack detects possible cancers in your employees so they can intervene (in time). Employees can be referred to a doctor or specialist, if necessary.
  • Employer branding
    Your policy confirms you are a committed and engaged employer. This motivates existing employees and could attract new talent.

How does the Cancer Screening Pack work?

A physician carries out the cancer screening at one of the many Mensura Vitality Centres in Belgium.

  • Breast cancer is tested using mammography: a special X-ray of both breasts.
  • The iFOB test (Immunochemical Faeces Occult Blood test) can detect colorectal cancer by the presence of blood in the stools.
  • The prostate cancer examination involves a blood test whereby the physician checks for the prostate-specific antigen (PSA).