Lindsy Werrebrouck: "I really appreciate the trust they have shown towards me, right from day one."

Psychologist Lindsy Werrebrouck graduated in both clinical and occupational psychology. Five years ago, right after graduating, Lindsy began working at Mensura as a prevention expert in the field of psychosocial aspects.

“Finding a position that allowed me to combine my skills in clinical and occupational psychology wasn’t easy. But the role of prevention expert in psychosocial aspects turned out to be a perfect match. My job responsibilities range from helping companies with the implementation of prevention policies, to individual guidance, mediation between workers, risk analyses, investigations into workplace harassment complaints, and more.

The qualities required for this position? As a prevention expert, you need to have a great deal of empathy, great listening skills, and some self-assurance. It can be quite a challenge making sure that everyone is on the same page all the time. But the fact that our efforts can make a big difference in improving a company’s work environment is a reward in itself.

At Mensura, I am given plenty of opportunity to advance my skills. For instance, I’m currently completing a specialist training course for prevention advisors. I also love the fact that I can always rely on my team leader for support. And, I am given plenty of freedom to define the content of the work I do. I really appreciate the trust they have shown towards me right from day one, even as a fresh graduate.”