Annemoon Delabie

Annemoon Delabie

Expertise : mental well-being

Dutch, English

Who am I?

A healthy mind in a healthy body and a healthy environment? That’s more than just an ideal.

My job is to try and convert that ideal into reality. By promoting the health of employees on a whole range of levels: working from home, respect in the workplace, resisting stress, resilience, and so on.

Drawing on my experience both at home and abroad, and with a wide range of target audiences, it is my pleasure to help improve their mental health – always with respect for every personality.

When you worry about a decision taken in the past, it is also important to consider that you made the best choice based on the knowledge that you had at the time. Because if you could go back in time now and you had the same knowledge, then you would make the identical decision. It is better to focus on the things that you can exercise control over now."


I specialise in motivational interviewing, which I apply at an individual, group and organisation-wide level. I also carry out risk analyses and coach teams, as well as do one-on-one interviews and three-way discussions. All this enables me to support your company in having:

  • An effective policy on stress
  • A multidisciplinary approach for a sustainable psychosocial policy  
  • A scientifically based approach to vitality on the workfloor
  • An individual or collective coaching process for ensuring better mental health


Prevention adviser, psychosocial aspects – Mensura 
Since 2020

Assistant prevention adviser level 2 – Tremec 
2017 – 2019

Assistant prevention adviser level 2 – Provikmo/Liantis 


Specialisation as prevention adviser, psychosocial aspects
2020 – 2022

Master’s in health promotion
2018 – 2020

Lead animator

Prevention adviser level 2 
2015 – 2018


Different times require different training courses. And that’s what I present. Enrol for ‘Homeworking vitality’, ‘Mental wellbeing for working from home’ and ‘Resilience’.

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