Our support

1. ‘Safe and healthy work’ guide

The number of corona infections continues to fluctuate. The message remains: continue to observe the measures. The Mensura guide helps you safeguard the wellbeing of your employees so that they can continue to work in a safe, healthy environment.

Each sector has its own specific processes and related areas of concern. We have compiled all the relevant information per sector for you.

2. Psychosocial help

The coronavirus crisis and the many messages about it can cause stress, anxiety, or sleepless nights. Help your employees to cope effectively. Mensura offers you the required support.

We offer a sympathetic ear and specific help for employees under mental strain and who wish to talk about it:

Would you like to activate this helpline or do you have further questions? Mail your request to psychosociale-aspecten@mensura.be.

All ongoing projects and intake interviews will be continued by telephone or via video conference. Your contact person will make the necessary arrangements with you.

Increase your employees’ resilience with a team-webinar

The corona crisis is testing our resilience. Managers and employees can follow an ‘increase your resilience' training via teleconference. As long as the corona measures apply, participants can benefit from a free intake via My Stress Coach. This online tool maps out stress experiences and offers practical tips to increase personal resilience. The results from My Stress Coach will be discussed during the webinar.

Interested? Mail us at psychosociale-aspecten@mensura.be.

3. Medical supervision

Mensura continues to guarantee the provision of medical services, although the format will be adapted. Due to the strict safety measures, we are avoiding all nonessential physical contact as much as possible.

As from 23 March (and for an unlimited period), we will conduct our medical examinations by telephone as much as possible. Where necessary, physical examinations will still take place, naturally taking into account the appropriate hygienic precautions. Using this approach, we will protect both your employees and our own.

Do you or your employees have medical questions about the coronavirus? You can contact our occupational physician at any time on 02/549 71 00.

The same number can be used to plan value-added examinations. Employees can also use it to request a spontaneous consultation. This will also be handled by phone initially, unless a physical examination appears necessary.


As an employer, you can have your coronate tests carried out in the workplace. There are, however, several points of attention, both for the PCR tests and the serological tests.

For the majority of companies, testing is only useful to test high-risk contacts. Moreover, occupational physicians are currently also using tests in specific situations, such as requests for recognition as an occupational disease.

Covid-19 has been recognised as an occupational disease for those working in healthcare or other locations for sick or disabled people where a corona outbreak has occurred. Those who do not work in the healthcare sector may be recognised through the 'open system'. These employees must have been exposed to the occupational risk of the illness, have experienced the illness, and be able to prove that they have contracted the illness as a result of their work.

A group of workers can also be tested in specific circumstances, such as in maritime shipping or for offshore activities, in order to rule out asymptomatic infection. This avoids importing contamination within an isolated group to environments where medical assistance is not always available (i.e. oil rigs).

We only conduct coronate tests in certain cases. Contact your account manager.

Contact tracing

If an employee shows symptoms or tests positive, Mensura quickly takes appropriate action. During a conversation with the infected employee, we identify the high-risk contacts. We inform the work-related contacts and offer them the necessary recommendations.

Savitas can also be useful. That is a contact tracking system based on QR codes that registers the contact between employees anonymously.

Mensura fulfils a connecting role between you and Savitas. In concrete terms, we advise you to implement the system, with attention to optimal safety and clear internal communication. You will also find a list of frequently asked questions on the Savitas website.

3. Risk management

  • Corona audit & risk analysis
    During a corona audit, Mensura screens your organisation for the feasibility of the coronavirus measures. We share our findings in a report, including tips and information to eliminate points of attention.  We can also draw up a risk analysis at workstation level. We will then look at which measures are best taken per workstation.

    With a ‘contacts risk analysis’, you gain a clear indication of who is at increased risk. Ideally, we start from the risk analysis at workstation level to create the contacts risk analysis from there. This gives us a better picture of the actual situation at workstation level, the measures taken, the number of contacts...

    Mensura guides you in drawing up a procedure and conducts a risk analysis for high- and low-risk contacts.
  • Occupational accidents
    Mensura is continuing its investigations of serious occupational accidents. In doing so, our experts are respecting all relevant rules related to distance and hygiene. The severity of the occupational accident shall determine the priority. You can continue to report occupational accidents to your regional contact.
  • Company visits
    Physical company visits are not advised at this time. That is why we are discussing global policy advice over the telephone. During such discussions, our expert will answer your questions about the specific coronavirus measures that your company must take. Mensura will contact you to schedule these discussions. 
  • Safety and temporary measures 
    Our prevention officers are doing everything to answer practical and specific questions about measures relating to safety, hygiene and toxicology, ergonomics, and the environment. Ongoing projects are either being continued by mutual agreement – remotely or in your organisation – or postponed temporarily.

  • Ventilation and air quality
    Our Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology specialists will assist you with practical advice to solve potential air quality problems within your company and optimise your ventilation strategy.

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