The absenteeism compass: a clear overview of illness-related absenteeism in your organisation

Do you have a clear view of the absenteeism situation within your organisation? Are there any areas that require attention? Do you know how to address the problem of worker absences? Based on your answers, our online absenteeism compass can help identify any areas that require urgent attention.

A targeted approach

Did you know that worker absenteeism represents around 2.6% of total wage expenditure? Unplanned absences also lead to loss of productivity, knowledge and experience.

Despite these facts, it appears that many organisations simply accept the situation rather than attempt to change it. In most cases, this is because they don’t know where the problem lies.

And this is exactly what the absenteeism compass can help you with.

How it works

Simply answer a few questions for each of the five indicators on the absenteeism compass. All indicators are measured against standards, based on statistics and best practices. You will receive an assessment and targeted advice for each indicator.


Take action now to help prevent future absenteeism in your organisation.

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