Guidelines for your sector

Every sector has specific processes and therefore particular points for attention. We gather all relevant information per sector for you.

General guidelines
There are some non-sector-specific guidelines. 

Discover these general guidelines.

Covering social distancing during journeys to the site to hygienic equipment.

Getting restarted in the construction industry

Service cheque organisations: Cleaning services
From well-ventilated rooms to disinfection of cleaning equipment.

Getting restarted in the service cheques industry

From capacity limitation on the shop floor to safe contact between salesperson and client.

Getting restarted in the retail industry

Transport & logistics
From social distancing during deliveries to safe exchange of delivery receipts.

Getting restarted in transport & logistics

Covering maintaining distance at the production line to hygiene rules at the checkout.

Getting restarted in the food industry

From secure protection to handling patients and their families.

Getting restarted in the healthcare

From operating machines safely to changing shift times.

Restarting in manufacturing

From room reorganisation to corona-proof table service. 

Restarting my hospitality company

Document center

Here you find all relevant documents that Mensura has made available to help you with your restart.

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Sector-specific e-learning courses for your employees

Do you want to inform your employees about how they can work safely and healthily during these corona times? You can with our sector-specific e-learning sessions.

Find out more about e-learning for your sector

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Coronavirus at work

The coronavirus crisis has almost every organisation in its clutches. What measures can you take in the workplace to prevent infection? And how can you support employees working from home? On our website we offer a compilation of FAQsfree posters, and potential support from Mensura