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5 steps to getting restarted

On the one hand there has been no activity for some time, and on the other hand your employees will return with many questions and doubts. Therefore, a considered approach to restarting your activities is certainly worthwhile.

Stap 1: make thorough preparations for the restart.

  • Get information from the official bodies.
    You can get reliable and up-to-date information about the measures from the FEBVOKA, the FPS Public Health and Sciensano.
  • Develop a restart plan.
    An action plan allows you to relaunch your activities safely. Display important information for employees from this plan visibly in the workplace.
  • Draft a declaration of commitment.
    This document will help to reassure your employees. After all, this shows that you are doing everything you can to allow them to work safely in these unprecedented circumstances.
  • Appoint a corona coordinator.
    This person shall be available to answer all employee’s questions about corona. In large companies this task can also be integrated in a corona workgroup.

Step 2: organise your workplace to meet the regulations.

Step 3: communicate before the day of return.

  • Provide your employees with all the relevant information.
    It is best to run through this information with your employees before the first day back at work. To assist you, Mensura offers you a free sector-specific e-learning for your employee(s).
  • Inform your customers and suppliers.
    Inform them and any other parties involved (e.g. freelancers, subcontractors, consultants) about your restart and the corona measures in place.

Step 4: consider the restart day.

  • Check that everyone knows the rules.
    Run through the corona measures relating to hygiene and social distancing once again with your employees on the first day back. You can use a last-minute risk analysis (LMRA) available for your employees for this.
  • Take people’s concerns seriously.
    Employees wanting a confidential discussion can turn to Mensura. You can commmunicate this in the workplace using our poster and video.

Step 5: continue strictly following the measures.

  • Be sure to address those who do not.
    It can be a challenge to respect every measure during the daily rush. But how do you give someone feedback on this matter? Use these tips or get your corona coordinator involved.
  • Involve your managers/supervisors.
    They play a crucial role in helping to motivate their teams to respect the corona measures in the workplace and to point out careless behaviour.
  • Continue to communicate updates.
    Regularly check this guide for info and tips about your sector. For FAQs on corona surf to
  • Organise regular evaluation of the measures.
    Which measures are working well at work and which are not? By conducting evaluations at set times you can make any required adjustments.
  • Take into account possible infection.
    If an employee drops out due to a corona infection, take practical measures to reassure and protect the health of your colleagues.
  • Consider contact tracing.
    Does an employee or visitor become infected? With contact tracing you can preventively isolate anyone who came into contact with an infected person. Savitas is a privacy-friendly system based on QR codes.

Do you have a question about restarting your activities?

We are happy to help you! Get in touch with your trusted contact or our regional office.

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