Stress levels are soaring in all fields of work, and complaints about verbal abuse and bullying in the workplace are on the rise. In addition, the number of workers suffering suicidal thoughts is alarmingly high.

Psychosocial problems heavily impact the health of workers and that of the organisation. Confidential advisors face a broad range of issues and must be able to adequately address each one.


Any employee can participate in the training course for confidential advisors and take up this role within the organisation, provided that he or she is not currently:


The training course will provide the confidential advisor with insight into the legal framework and the various psychosocial hazards and their dynamics. The confidential advisor will also be able to recommended intervention techniques.


This five-day basic training course is part of our open training programme. In (larger) companies, this course can also be delivered in the form of in-house training.  

After the theory session, participants will acquire first-hand experience based on real-life scenarios, group discussions and interactive exercises. The training course covers the following aspects:


Legal framework


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Refresher training for confidential advisors: supervision

Regular refresher training and an exchange of experiences are essential for confidential advisors to remain up to date with legal developments and to maintain a strong focus on enhancing the psychosocial well-being of workers. Mensura has developed this refresher course for confidential advisors for those who have successfully completed the basic training course.

Separate in-company refresher training can also be organised. A number of topics may be covered in the refresher course, such as: