Basic training course: Emergency response officer (first aid)

When your company employs 20 or more workers, you are legally required to have certified first aiders available on the premises at all times. These first-aid workers must be able to administer first-aid care in the event of occupational accidents or medical emergencies. Mensura is an accredited provider of basic first-aid training.


Mensura will work with your internal department for protection and prevention to help prevent occupational illnesses and accidents. However, it is never possible to fully eliminate workplace accidents and health issues. Therefore, it is crucial to have certified first-aid staff available at all times who know how to use first-aid equipment while waiting for emergency services to arrive.


The law stipulates that companies must have an adequate number of trained first aiders available on their premises. The exact number is determined based on the number of employees and the company’s risk level.

First-aid workers must hold a current certificate from an accredited training centre. This certificate is obtained upon successful completion of a basic first-aid training course.


Mensura is accredited by the Federal Public Service for Employment, Labour, and Social Dialogue to offer this course.

In addition to the theory part, the course provides ample opportunity for practical training. Participants learn how to apply bandages and tourniquets, practice CPR on life-size dummies, transport victims, etc. The course may also include wound care, with common techniques being practiced on fake wounds.

Company-specific risks are discussed prior to training to ensure that the content of the course addresses your needs.


  • The training course (including the exam) consists of 2 sessions of 8 hours each, or 4 sessions of 4 hours each.
  • The course can be run at our facilities or at your organisation in the form of in-house training.
  • Maximum 15 participants per group. This will allow all participants to gain maximum practical experience in a company-specific context.
  • Participants who successfully complete the assessment exam will become fully certified in adult CPR and first aid.


  • The first-aid worker will be able to respond to occupational accidents and health issues promptly and accurately while waiting for emergency services to arrive.
  • The first-aid worker will be able to assess the severity of an emergency situation, prevent the situation from deteriorating, and mitigate the consequences. 
  • The first-aid worker is familiar with the contents and the use of first-aid kits. 

Bijscholing hulpverlener EHBO

Refresher training: Emergency response officer (first aid)

Participants who successfully complete the basic first aid training course will become fully certified first-aid workers. However, to maintain efficiency of emergency response operations, regular refresher training is an absolute must.

Each of your staff members with a first-aid certificate is legally required to complete annual refresher training and must be able to produce their valid certificate. Mensura is accredited by the Federal Public Service for Employment, Labour, and Social Dialogue to provide this refresher course.


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