Basic training course: Fire prevention and control

How to quickly and efficiently control incipient fires using a fire extinguisher? How to develop an effective evacuation procedure? And how to conduct an evacuation drill? This practical training course in fire prevention and fire control covers all these topics, and more. A substantial part of the course is dedicated to fire prevention.


Having a well-thought-out evacuation procedure in place can literally make the difference between life and death. However, mastering the necessary basics on fire prevention and the use of fire extinguishing equipment is equally important.


This training course is targeted at members of the fire control department and other workers.


Throughout the training course, participants will acquire the necessary basic skills in the field of fire prevention and fire control. They will also receive useful tips on how to develop an effective evacuation procedure.

The use of portable fire extinguishing equipment is taught through practical hands-on training. This session also addresses company-specific legal requirements. Participants are given the opportunity to exchange experiences. 


The one-day training course on fire prevention and fire control includes theory and practical training. Key topics discussed during the theory part are:

  • the different stages of a fire;
  • potential causes of a fire;
  • ways to prevent a fire;
  • fire emergency procedures (types of fires, portable fire extinguishing equipment, first intervention team, evacuation procedure and evacuation drill).

Throughout the practical part of the training course, participants will learn how to use various types of portable fire extinguishing equipment.

This basic training course is part of our open training programme and is offered at several of Mensura’s training centres. The course can also be delivered in-house for groups of 6 people or more and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.


Participants who successfully complete the training course on fire prevention and fire control will be able to:

  • develop an instruction sheet on what to do in the event of a fire;
  • formulate a comprehensive evacuation procedure, including evacuation plans;
  • organise evacuation drills;
  • train colleagues about the latest procedures;
  • use portable fire extinguishing equipment to control incipient fires.


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