Basic training course: Pediatric first-aid and CPR training for childcare workers

Home daycare and childcare centre workers know what it’s like to have their hands full. They may also be confronted with situations where a child’s life is at risk. This basic 3-hour course includes a theory session and plenty of practical exercises to ensure that they can adequately deal with these types of emergencies.


Those who work with children on a regular basis will know how rewarding this kind of work can be. But accidents can happen quickly, especially among young children. What if a child is in life-threatening danger? Knowing exactly what to do can help save lives.


This training course is aimed at staff from home daycare facilities and childcare centres, as well as anyone else who may be confronted with emergency situations involving children.


The course focuses heavily on practical exercises. The chapter on CPR and choking rescue techniques is extremely important and does save young lives.  

Theory session:

  • Typical hazards involving children
  • Basic first-aid principles
  • Step-by-step CPR in line with ERC guidelines

Practical exercises:

  • Performing CPR on life-size dummies
  • Choking and suffocation rescue techniques
  • Recovery position


  • This is a 3-hour training course.
  • Maximum 15 participants per group. This will allow all participants to gain maximum hands-on skills development in company-specific situations.


People who have successfully completed the basic training course will be able to confidently administer basic first-aid care to children. They will be able to assess the seriousness of the situation, prevent minor incidents from escalating, and mitigate the consequences.