Basic training course: Prevention advisor level III

Your prevention advisor must keep up to date with all legal requirements regarding the well-being and safety of employees. He or she will establish a policy on the health, safety and well-being of your workers, as well as a prevention plan and an annual action plan. To be able to carry out these tasks effectively, it is essential for the prevention advisor to have the proper knowledge and skills.


Well-being in the workplace is a broad field of expertise and includes occupational safety, occupational hygiene, ergonomics, environmental care, and psychosocial health, among others. As an employer, you are required to develop and review the prevention plan each year, which is then rolled out across your company.

A well-trained prevention advisor will have acquired the necessary knowledge on prevention and protection in the workplace, and will be able to put this into practice within the context and policy guidelines of the company.


All employers currently employing workers.


During the training course, participants gain basic knowledge on well-being in the workplace and dynamic risk management. Theory lessons are kept to a minimum. The course focuses on practical experience in carrying out the tasks of a prevention advisor in a company-specific framework.


  • The basic training course for prevention advisors is part of our open training programme and takes 42 hours (multiple-choice test included) to complete. The course is delivered over 6 days.
  • For groups of 5 participants or more, this course can also be delivered in the form of in-house training.
  • This training course covers the following topics: prevention policies, occupational safety, health surveillance of workers, occupational hygiene, psychosocial aspects in the workplace, ergonomics, participatory job duty analysis, and environmental care.


All topics are addressed from a practical point of view and ample time is provided for practical hands-on training.


  • Upon successful completion of the training course, the prevention advisor will have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to promote well-being in the workplace. The prevention advisor will be able to translate this knowledge into policies and operational programmes at all levels of the organisation.
  • In consultation with the external prevention advisor, the prevention advisor will also be able to optimise risk analyses and develop the annual prevention plan, and put these into practice in the workplace.


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Refresher training and further options

Mensura organises refresher courses for level III prevention advisors who have successfully completed the basic training course. Refresher training ensures that the prevention advisor is up to date with all aspects of well-being in the workplace. In addition, by attending refresher courses, they can share their expertise with other participants.

Regular visits to the company or support from an external prevention advisor can also be arranged.