Prolonged use of video display units can cause a series of health problems, such as back, neck and wrist injuries, and eyestrain. Many of these health issues can be prevented by teaching your workers how to maintain good posture, ensuring that their workstations are laid out properly, and implementing regular relaxation exercises.


The training course is aimed at companies with any number of VDU workers.



Course content
This course consists of a practical 2-hour training session followed by a visit to each individual workstation to identify bottlenecks and formulate practical recommendations. A brief report with general conclusions and personalised advice is included.

In this interactive course, participants will learn how to implement best practices for preventing injuries such as back and wrist injuries, and eyestrain. They will learn about maintaining good posture, the ideal setup of desks, chairs and computer workstations, the proper use of laptop devices, etc. They will also learn a number of relaxation exercises they can do while at work. At the start of the course, all participants are given a workbook with a selection of slides from the presentation, a step-by-step plan for modifying the individual workstation, an overview of exercises, and room for personal notes.  

PowerPoint presentation
The PowerPoint presentation serves as an e-learning tool for your business. This highly interactive visual tool provides an overview of all the principles acquired and provides your workers with a useful source of information that can be accessed any time, e.g. via your intranet.


Your employees will be able to implement all the knowledge they acquired about workplace ergonomics from day one. By doing so, they will reduce the likelihood of prolonged absences due to work-related health problems.


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