Multidisciplinary support for service voucher companies


Your employees will learn how to better manage stress:

  • through guidance in implementing a solid prevention policy within your company;
  • by aligning the health surveillance programme to the prevention policy, if available;
  • through professional training.


  • Gain insight in the risks associated with service voucher activities;
  • Obtain documents that may be helpful to take your prevention policy to the next level;
  • Obtain strategic guidance tailored to the needs of your company;
  • Raise awareness among your workers about the identification of workplace hazards;
  • Evaluate current training policies.

How does it work?

  • Module 1*:
    • Discuss standard risk assessments for work performed through a voucher company;
    • Discuss the policy on personal protective equipment;
    • Provide a checklist to help you identify hazards during initial visits at client premises.
  • Module 2*:
    • Training for all workers on safe and healthy practices for work performed through a voucher company (our accreditation number is E328 (Dutch) E329 (French) with the national provider for sectoral training programmes (Sectoraal Vormingsfonds));
    • Provide standard safety instruction cards;
    • Annual refresher training for new workers or custom training courses are also available.

* Select one or both modules.


  • A risk assessment model that can be customised to your specific activities;
  • Standard safety instruction cards relevant to the tasks carried out through the voucher company (domestic cleaning in private homes);
  • An overview of commonly used personal protective equipment and a checklist for initial visits at client premises;
  • Your workers are aware of the risks associated with work performed through a voucher company.


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