Refresher training: Emergency response officer (first aid)

Companies who employ 20 or more workers are legally required to have certified first aiders available on the premises. Mensura is an accredited provider of basic first-aid training and refresher courses. These courses help ensure that your first-aid workers stay current with the latest practices and that they can intervene promptly when needed.


Participants who successfully complete basic first aid training will become fully certified first-aid workers. However, to maintain efficiency in emergency response operations, regular refresher training is an absolute must.


Each of your staff members with a first-aid certificate is legally required to complete annual refresher training and must be able to produce their valid certificate upon request.


The refresher course uses a modular approach, highlighting a number of topics each year.


  • This 4-hour refresher course must be completed once every year to prevent the first-aid  worker’s certification from expiring.   
  • Maximum 15 participants per group. This will allow all participants to gain maximum practical experience in company-specific situations.
  • Prior to the course, we will discuss the company-specific topics you wish to address.
  • Basic skills are reinforced through practical training on life-size dummies.
  • Similarly to the basic training course, the refresher course includes wound care, with common techniques being practiced on fake wounds.


  • First-aid workers are up to date with the latest information and practices. They also have the opportunity to exchange experiences with other participants and with the instructor.
  • Their first-aid certification will remain current.


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