Refresher training: Prevention advisor level III

Your prevention advisor will develop a health policy and a prevention plan with you for your organisation. It is therefore essential that he or she stays current with the latest legal provisions regarding the well-being and safety of workers. That is why Mensura organises the refresher course for level III prevention advisors.


To be able to carry out their tasks effectively, it is essential for prevention advisors to keep up to date with the latest legal developments in the field of dynamic risk management and the well-being of workers. Regular refresher training is therefore a must.


This course is aimed at prevention advisors who wish to stay current in the field and who want to share their expertise with others in the same discipline.


This refresher course updates prevention advisors about the latest practices within their field, to ensure that risk analyses and prevention plans are kept up to date. It also gives them the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences with other participants.


  • Part 1: New legal provisions
  • Part 2: Investigating occupational accidents
    • Event tree analysis 
    • Fishbone diagrams (Ishikawa)
  • Part 3: Thermal environmental factors of a technological or climatological nature
    • Royal Decree on the minimum requirements for workplaces and thermal environmental factors
    • Risk assessments
    • Technical and organisational measures
    • Measurement methods


  • The refresher course (for groups of 10 to 20 people) is part of our open training programme and takes one day to complete.
  • In the morning, the course focuses on current topics and/or new legislation. In the afternoon, participants are asked to work in groups on a number of practical case studies.


After completing the refresher course, the level III prevention advisor will be fully up to date with current developments and skills in the field of workplace prevention.


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