Refresher training: Supervision course for confidential advisors

Psychosocial problems have a considerable impact on the health of workers and organisations. A fully trained confidential advisor is invaluable to employees who require counselling and assistance in conflict situations or other high-risk situations in the workplace. However, confidential advisors need regular refresher training to be able to respond to the ever-broadening scope of work-related psychosocial problems. That is why Mensura has developed the supervision course for confidential advisors.


Stress levels are increasing in companies across the globe, and the number of complaints about verbal violence and bullying in the workplace continues to rise each year. The number of employees suffering suicidal thoughts is also alarmingly high. Confidential advisors who regularly complete refresher training to keep their knowledge and skills up to date will be better equipped to take prompt and appropriate action in a variety of situations.


Mensura created the supervision course for confidential advisors to give trained confidential advisors the opportunity to practice discussion techniques and exchange experiences with colleagues, but also to reflect on their own limitations. By expanding their skills, they will be able to provide better counselling and guidance to workers in conflict situations or other high-risk situations.


At times, confidential advisors may wonder if they are addressing certain situations in the best possible way or if there is room for improvement. That is why real-life cases are incorporated in the refresher course. It allows participants to familiarise themselves with a range of methods to approach conflict situations or other high-risk situations.


  • The supervision course for confidential advisors is part of our open training programme and consists of one half-day module. In (larger) companies, we can deliver this course in the form of in-house training.
  • During the course, participants are invited to present a number of real-life cases.
  • Each case will then be discussed under the guidance of an experienced prevention advisor who specialises in psychosocial aspects. The latter will offer advice and support to the participants throughout the course.
  • Specific topics such as self-care, mediation, etc. may also be discussed.


After completing the course, confidential advisors will feel more supported in their day-to-day activities and will be better equipped to provide employees in conflict situations or other high-risk situations with the help and care they need.

Basic training course: Confidential advisor

The basic training course for confidential advisors developed by Mensura provides participants with the required knowledge on legal provisions and with insight in the various psychosocial hazards in the workplace, their dynamics. They will also be able to recommended intervention techniques.


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