Safe electrical work practices for BA4-certified employees

If your employees sometimes work on or near electrical equipment, then it is essential that they know how to accurately assess hazards associated with this type of work. BA4-certified employees are fully trained in the identification and mitigation of electrical hazards.


People who operate or work near electrical installations need to be fully aware of potential hazards associated with their work. Employees who are BA4 certified are able to accurately assess and mitigate these hazards.


This training course is aimed at maintenance staff, painters and technicians who may be exposed to electrical hazards in the performance of their work.


During this practical, interactive training course, your workers will gain the necessary skills to become BA4 certified and identify and mitigate the hazards associated with electrical work.


This one-day course allows ample time for participants to exchange experiences. The following topics are addressed during the course:

  • general information and regulations about how to work safely and under supervision on or near electrical installations;
  • electrical hazards associated with specific tasks and with any work on or near electrical installations;
  • regulations regarding work on or near non-energised electrical installations.


As a BA4-certified person, your employee will have the necessary practical knowledge and insight into mandatory safety requirements for electrical work. He or she will be able to identify potential electrical hazards and respond accordingly.


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