Training course: First-aid training for designated persons

Group D companies are legally required to have one or more designated persons available on their premises at all times who are able to administer first-aid care in the event of incidents or health problems. These designated persons do not need to be fully certified but do need to have the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with such situations.


In companies employing 20 or more people, one or several certified first-aid workers must be available at all times. In addition, group D companies are required to have one or more designated persons available who know how to administer first-aid care in emergency situations, and this throughout all operations within the organisation. These designated persons must master the basics of first-aid care.


The initiation course is aimed at workers who are not fully certified as first-aiders but who do need to be capable of administering first-aid care.  

When selecting these designated persons, it is important to remember that the availability of first-aid care must be guaranteed throughout all operations within the organisation, i.e. also during night shifts, for instance.


This first-aid training course for designated persons teaches selected participants the basic skills of first-aid care in a short amount of time.


  • The course takes a practical approach and lasts only 4 hours. Prior to commencing the course, the instructor will discuss the specific needs you wish to address.
  • Maximum 15 participants per group. This will allow all participants to gain maximum practical experience in company-specific situations.
  • The training course focuses on the role of the first-aider (basic hygiene, correct analysis of the situation, attending urgent needs prior to evacuation, etc.) and basic first-aid skills (bleeding, wound care, burns, etc.).


Participants who successfully complete our first-aid training course for designated persons will be able to confidently administer basic first-aid care in the event of occupational accidents and health issues.


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Basic training course and refresher training for emergency response officers (first aid)

Mensura is accredited by the Federal Public Service for Employment, Labour, and Social Dialogue to provide this course. We can deliver both the basic training course and the annual refresher course for first-aid certification.