Training course for supervisors and managers: Trauma management


  • Basic notion of post-traumatic stress and potential consequences for affected workers
  • Guidelines on how to approach workers involved in a traumatic event
  • Tips for establishing the most suitable approach when supporting affected workers


  • Self-manage moments of crisis following traumatic events
  • Adopt the most suitable approach in supporting affected workers  
  • Implement internal procedures regarding traumatic events in the workplace
  • Refer affected workers to the most suitable service and implement the necessary prevention and control strategies

How does it work?

  • The training course is aimed at all levels of management and is delivered by experts from Mensura’s department of psychosocial services. The course takes half a day to complete. Maximum 15 participants per group.
  • The course consists of three main parts:
    • A detailed explanation of traumatic events and potential consequences for future behaviour
    • Explanation of internal procedures
    • Training on how to deal with the effects of traumatic events through role play


  • Members of management will receive guidelines on how to respond to traumatic events and affected workers
  • Members of management will be able to provide the necessary support to affected workers


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