Training course: Ionising radiation and radiation protection


Participants will receive information and training about occupational hazards and radiation protection as stipulated in article 25 of ARBIS regulations (general regulations for the protection of the public, workers and the environment against the hazards of ionising radiation).

The training course covers the following topics:

  • What is radioactivity and ionising radiation?
  • What are the associated health and safety hazards?
  • What are the main dosimetry standards?
  • What are the principles and consequences from the legislator’s point of view?


Working with ionising radiation comes with certain health and safety risks. To ensure that your company can work with ionising radiation and radioactivity in a safe manner, it is essential to learn about the basics of radiation, the associated hazards, mandatory protective measures, and legal regulations.  


This course is aimed at prevention advisors and supervisors from the medical, industrial and other sectors who work with radioactive materials and/or equipment generating ionising radiation.

They will receive detailed information and specific training in the field of ‘ionising radiation’.

Armed with this knowledge, they will be able to further assist employees on the workfloor, in line with the train the trainer concept.


Our training staff take a practical approach and adequately address all aspects of radiation protection as well as the occupational risks associated with working with radioactivity and/or radiation equipment.

The information provided during the course covers a broad range of industries.   


After completing the course, prevention advisors and supervisors will have the necessary practical knowledge and insight into:

  • the main characteristics of ionising radiation and radioactivity;
  • general radiation protection measures and potential health risks for workers;
  • statutory obligations with regard to:
    • the commissioning of installations that include radioactive materials and/or equipment generating ionising radiation,
    • the use of such installations,
    • the monitoring and training of workers who may be exposed to radiation.

The training material consists of a printed copy of the slides used throughout the course. A certificate of participation will be issued to all participants upon completing the course.

More info?

No prior knowledge required.

Mensura also provides assistance with license applications to be submitted to FANC (the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control), commissioning reports (completion reports) and conducting risk assessments for ionising radiation.