Training course: Manual handling and lifting techniques


Employees learn how to identify, reduce and prevent risks.


  • Teach standard lifting techniques
  • Teach participants about proper lifting techniques in company-specific situations and how to prevent injuries by choosing the method that places the least amount of stress on their body
  • Fully comprehend the importance of correct posture, whether or not combined with lifting

How does it work?

  • In-company training course
  • 10-12 participants (maximum 15) per course
  • Duration: ½-day training; max. 2-hour training session in the training room, the remaining time is spent ‘on the job’.
  • The first part consists of a theory session in a quiet classroom and focuses on teaching participants about:
    • the anatomy of the spine;
    • the risk of lower back injuries due to manual handling of loads and using incorrect posture when lifting;
    • correct posture to relieve spinal pressure;
    • examples of standard lifting techniques.
  • The theory part is taught in an interactive manner based on a PowerPoint presentation.
  • The second part is more practical and is taught ‘on the job’ where possible:
    • observation of employees during their day-to-day tasks
    • together with employees, we identify the most appropriate manual handling and lifting techniques
    • all participants are individually assessed and corrected
  • For larger groups (more than 4 people), company-specific visual material can be incorporated in the PowerPoint presentation that is used throughout the training sessions.
  • The agreed method of implementation is outlined in the standard or custom proposal.


  • Employees know how to apply the learned techniques within their personal work context
  • Reduce and prevent hazards and risks associated with manual handling and lifting
  • Reduce the number of work-related (back) injuries and complaints


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