Training course: Occupational hygiene for cleaning staff


  • After completing this training course, participants will be fully familiar with the hazards associated with cleaning
  • Useful as a refresher course for those who already know the hazards associated with the work and with the chemicals used
  • Risks and hazards are clearly explained


  • Raise awareness among employees about the potential hazards associated with their assigned tasks
  • Teach the code of conduct to participants so they know how to deal with these hazards

How does it work?

  • Training can be tailored to your specific requirements. Maximum 15 participants per group.
  • Duration: 2 hours


  • Biological hazards:
    • bacteria, viruses, insects, pests, vermin and rodents
  • Chemical hazards:
    • reading labels of hazardous products
    • solvents, detergents, acids and alkalis, bleaching agents
  • Physical and ergonomic hazards:
    • noise, vibrations, cleaning environment
    • posture
  • Prevention measures for all hazards:
    • first-aid emergency treatment


Participants know how to address the safety and health hazards specific to their work area.


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