Training course: Patient lifting and transferring techniques - Train the trainer


Reference persons and internal trainers are ideally suited to assist with the development and implementation of back injury prevention policies.


  • Train reference persons to provide support with the implementation of back injury prevention policies within their respective departments
  • Train trainers to ensure they can effectively establish prevention policies and conduct internal training

How does it work?

  • Within the hospital or (residential) care facility
  • 10-12 participants (maximum 16) per training course
  • Duration:
    • 5 days for reference persons
    • 6 days for the ‘train the trainer’ course


  • Reference persons will be able to:
    • act as a first point of contact within their department or division when it comes to back injury prevention;
    • offer solutions for patient or resident lifting and transferring where a lot of stress is placed on the body;
    • raise awareness among co-workers about back injury prevention and correct their techniques as needed;
    • assist the internal trainer (if available at the facility) with the implementation of back injury prevention policies and patient lifting protocols.
  • Internal trainers will be able to:
    • initiate and direct the development of a prevention policy together with the policy administrator;
    • train workers in the field of patient or resident lifting and transferring techniques, and handling and lifting techniques for non-caretaking duties (kitchen work, cleaning duties, meal serving, etc.);
    • assist reference persons (if available at the facility) in difficult situations and help find solutions for specific problems in the workplace;
    • establish joint and individual lifting protocols;
    • offer advice regarding the purchase of materials and equipment.


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