Training course: Personal protective equipment


Personal protective equipment or PPE offers protection against specific risks for the safety and health of your workers.

PPE will help ensure the safety of your workers when

  • workplace risks cannot be controlled at the source; and
  • workplace risks cannot be minimised through organisational measures or technical mitigation measures.


Wearing the correct PPE is crucial in preventing occupational accidents and/or occupational illness. Estimates indicate that up to ninety percent of workplace accidents could be prevented simply by wearing the correct protective equipment. PPE is an essential part of an organisation’s accident prevention strategy.

As an employer, it is essential that you fully comprehend the value and importance of PPE. This course provides participants with thorough basic knowledge regarding chemical hazards in the workplace and teaches them how to effectively use personal protective equipment.


Are your workers exposed to hazards in the workplace that may lead to occupational accidents and/or illness? As an employer, you are legally required to identify workplace risks and implement the appropriate measures to prevent these risks where possible.


  • This one-day workshop offered by Mensura includes both a theoretical and a technical part. The information provided during the course is taught through exercises and real-life examples.
  • This is a training course for groups of 10 to 20 people.


  • Participants fully comprehend the legal requirements as well as the technical background and applications of PPE.
  • Participants know how to select the appropriate PPE to protect workers against all remaining hazards.
  • Within the framework of the company’s policy, participants know how to use personal protective equipment to raise more awareness on the topic.


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