Training course: Respect in the workplace (employees and managers)


  • Give employees the opportunity to improve their well-being in the workplace and their relationship with co-workers
  • Provide participants with the right tools to manage interpersonal relations
  • Improve the overall sense of well-being and reduce the risk of employees leaving due to feelings of discontent


Teach participants about:

  • The various forms of workplace harassment and the consequences thereof
  • Possible ways to set boundaries in interpersonal relations at work
  • How to promote mutual respect in the workplace


  • Definition of the concept of psychosocial stress, violence, bullying and sexual harassment, with clear, real-life examples
  • Setting boundaries to promote respectful relationships by providing the right tools and exercises
  • Possible causes of workplace harassment, both within the organisation and in one’s personal life
  • The consequences of non-compliance, both within the organisation and in one’s personal life
  • The internal complaints procedure for incidents of violence, bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace.


  • Participants are able to identify potential pitfalls when interpreting certain situations
  • Participants can examine their own experiences and feelings, and are able to set and communicate clear boundaries and recognise those of others
  • Participants learn the skills needed to create respectful relationships in the workplace


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