Training course: Risk assessment of electrical hazards in the workplace

Do your employees work on or near electrical equipment? Then being able to identify and mitigate hazards is of paramount importance. This practical training course provided by Mensura will teach your workers a number of prevention measures to help protect themselves and others.


People who operate or work near electrical equipment need to know all about the hazards associated with electrical work. Being able to correctly identify and analyse these hazards will benefit the safety of all your workers.


The training course requires no major prior knowledge about electricity. Throughout the course, participants will learn the necessary basics about the legal requirements regarding electrical installations (LV and HV) in the workplace.


This practical, interactive course takes one day to complete and can be delivered at one of Mensura’s training facilities or in-house at your company (for groups of 6 participants or more). The advantage of in-company training is that participants will be able to use the company’s own electrical equipment for the practical part of the course.

During the training course, risks are identified based on visual materials. For the practical exercises, we use a questionnaire that systematically covers all 14 main risk areas. A substantial part of the course is devoted to the exchange of experiences.


Upon completion of this training course, participants will:

  • master the 14 main risk areas associated with electrical installations in the workplace;
  • be able to perform risk assessments based on the checklist developed by Mensura to identify and assess the hazards associated with electrical work;
  • be able to identify and respond to external factors that may affect electrical installations, and be familiar with all the certification requirements and the electrical documentation of installations.


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