Virtual Class ‘Healthy and productive homeworking’

A safe and healthy workplace supports employee productivity and well-being. Where homeworking is concerned, however, this is mostly beyond your control as an employer. Employees will learn the 8 steps to healthy and productive homeworking during this online training course. The different modules within the course cover ergonomics, vitality, and mental health. 


The coronavirus crisis has forced a multitude of organisations to introduce homeworking. Meanwhile, employees have noticed that homework has the potential to improve the balance between work and home life and their productivity. That means that even after the lockdown is over, the percentage of (occasional) teleworkers will remain high. This virtual training course provides employees with the tools they need to stay healthy and be productive while homeworking. 


 It’s perfect for any company looking to promote healthy and productive homeworking. This course especially targets employees who mainly perform computer-related work. 


An interactive, online workshop with room for questions, exercises, and opportunities to get up and move around. 

  • Handy tips and exercises related to homeworking 
  • How employees can create the perfect home office 
  • Key points to remember when drawing up a customised work schedule or plan 

The Virtual Class is divided into three phases: 

  1. Intake with the Work@Home Profile 
    The Work@Home Profile is an online questionnaire that assesses your employees’ needs and challenges. We customise the course to your organisation based on these insights. 
  2. Virtual Class Modules 
    Intro: ‘8 steps to healthy and productive homeworking’. The expert explains how employees can work from home healthily and productively in 8 steps.  In-depth modules: 
    • Ergonomic homeworking: the best work posture and environment for preventing ergonomic complaints.
    • Vital homeworking: how to incorporate enough exercise and a balanced diet during the working day. 
    • Mentally healthy and focussed homeworking. 
  3. Follow-up 
    Follow-up with tips & tricks for applying the newly gained insights in practice. 
    Choose the formula that’s right for your organisation. There are two formulas to choose from: 
      • ​​Intake with Work@Home Profile 
      • Intro and 1 in-depth module of your choice 
      • Follow-up with tips & tricks 
    2. ADVANCED 
      • ​​Intake with Work@Home Profile 
      • Intro and all in-depth modules 
      • Follow-up with tips & tricks 


Your employees will learn healthy and productive homeworking practices and can apply their newly acquired insights right away. That way they will be able to recognise, limit and avoid the pitfalls of homeworking. 
What’s more, you’ll be promoting their motivation, satisfaction and well-being, which, in turn, will reduce the likelihood of work-related health complaints. 


This course is given by an expert and a moderator to up to 50 participants. 


  • Intro: 8 steps to healthy and productive homeworking 30 minutes 
  • Module 1: ‘Ergonomic homeworking’ - 1 hour + 30 minutes of Q&A 
  • Module 2: ‘Vital homeworking’ - 1 hour + 30 minutes of Q&A 
  • Module 3: ‘Mentally healthy and focussed homeworking’ - 1 hour + 30 minutes of Q&A 

We schedule the modules after having consulted with you. The modules can be scheduled in stages. 
The virtual class is available on Flowsparks, our online learning platform to which participants can log in.


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