Workshop: Health and vitality when getting older


The ‘Health and vitality in later life’ workshop increases the older members of staff’s awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. They will also receive practical tips on reducing health risks to enhance their quality of life.


Healthy and vital staff contribute to the company’s productivity. They stay longer and remain motivated in their work.

For whom?

For all organisations that employ staff older than 45 years of age.


The workshop consists of 4 components:

  • The advantages of a healthy lifestyle
  • Physical and psychosocial changes during ageing
  • The health risks associated with later life
  • Reducing health risks with:
    • Physical exercise (advantages, tips to encourage exercise, etc.)
    • A healthy and balanced diet (basic principles, active diet triangle, etc.)
    • Mental health (relaxation, sleep hygiene, etc.)


Your staff acquires the knowledge and tips needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle with the goal of engaging in sufficient exercise and having a balanced dietary pattern.

In practice

An expert on health promotion holds a workshop at your organisation or at Mensura’s premises. The session lasts two hours and the maximum attendance capacity is 20 participants.