Workshop: Healthy lifestyle


The Healthy Lifestyle workshop raises awareness and motivates employees to adopt healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle.

Participants gain insight into their current lifestyle and potential health risks. They will gain the necessary skills and knowledge and are actively encouraged by the lifestyle advisor to achieve their goal of a healthier lifestyle and to prevent health-related risks and illnesses.


The workshop helps reduce absenteeism and increases the productivity of your workers. It also helps ensure the long-term employability of your workforce.


The Healthy Lifestyle workshop is designed for businesses and organisations who want to reduce absenteeism, boost productivity and ensure the health of their workers.


Part 1: Benefits of a healthy lifestyle

Part 2: Physical exercise

  • What are the health benefits of physical exercise?
  • How much exercise is required to help prevent injuries and sickness?
  • How to introduce more exercise into your daily life and work?
  • How to do stretching exercises?

Part 3: Smoking

  • How does smoking affect your health, and what are the benefits of quitting smoking?
  • How to quit smoking?

Part 4: Healthy eating habits

  • What are the basic principles of a healthy diet?
  • How to implement the current food pyramid into your daily diet?
  • How to read and interpret food labels?
  • How to buy healthy yet budget-friendly food products?

Part 5: Mental fitness

  • What are the causes and signs of stress? Interactive discussion.
  • How to increase mental resilience?


Your workers will develop healthy eating and lifestyle habits, which will improve their vitality and overall well-being. As a result, productivity will increase and absenteeism will be reduced. The workshop will help improve the health of your workers and your organisation.

The workshop provides you with insight into the overall health of your workforce and helps you develop specific health programmes on healthy eating habits, mental fitness, mental and physical resilience, regular exercise, etc. Our experts can help you address all these needs.

Practical info

Location: at your premises or at one of Mensura’s training facilities
Participants: maximum 15 participants per workshop
Duration: 2 hours
Trainer: lifestyle advisor
Tools: visual materials, nutrition labels on food packaging, info brochures and hand-outs


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