Workshop: How to build resilience?


Employees learn how to manage stress better, which means:

  • they will enjoy their work duties more, as well as life in general   
  • they are better protected against mental health issues such as depression
  • worker absenteeism will be reduced
  • productivity and team spirit will improve


On the one hand, the workshop makes employees reflect on the tools and resources already available to help them deal with  difficult or new situations (the daily grind, new supervisors, new roles, etc.). On the other hand, it is aimed at providing workers with the opportunity to reinforce these resources which will ultimately result in better stress management.  

How does it work?

The workshop comprises the following:

  • First, participants are asked to fill out a brief questionnaire to determine their current level of resilience.
  • Through an exchange of experiences, group interaction and concrete exercises, participants gain more insight in how to become more resilient.
  • All findings are then translated into a personal action plan.

The workshop is scheduled to run for half a day. We recommend that groups consist of maximum 15 people each to maximise group interaction.


  • All findings are converted into concrete actions that are recorded in the personal action guides of the participants.
  • Based on the personal action guide, each participant is able to start implementing changes in their daily habits, thought patterns, etc.
  • More action steps can be added to the personal action guide at any stage as new experiences come along.
  • All the above will lead to further personal growth and development

Legal framework

  • The Well-Being Act of 4 August 1996
  • Collective Bargaining Agreement no. 72 of 30 March 1999
  • The Royal Decree of 10 April 2014 on the prevention of psychosocial risks in the workplace


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