Workshop: Increasing resilience

An interactive workshop where employees gain insight into what stress means exactly (definition, causes, consequences)
and get exercises to increase their own resilience.


There is problematic exposure to stress in almost every organisation. But sometimes companies and employees minimise stress. This is bad because mental overload can hamper productivity and induce health complaints. By creating awareness, employees can take timely action.

For you?

Companies that want to support their employees in strengthening their resilience.


  • First, we briefly outline the theoretical framework in which we highlight the causes and consequences of stress (with an emphasis on work-related factors).
  • The second part focuses on solution-oriented and interactive working. Participants exchange experiences and receive practical exercises to train their resilience techniques.
  • The workshop ends with a personal and concrete action plan, in which the employee receives individual advice to cope with stress in a resilient way.


Your employees are more aware of what causes stress and how they cope with it. They can tackle stressful situations better, increasing their resilience, using practical tips. In this way, they feel better, keep giving their best at work, and aren’t absent as much.

Practical details

The workshop has a maximum of 15 participants and lasts a half day.


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