Workshop Raising awareness of stress for managers

An interactive workshop in which managers:
1. gain insight into what stress means exactly (definition, causes, consequences) and get exercises to increase their own resilience.
2. gain insight into how they can prevent stress in their employees, recognise it in time, and make discussing it less taboo.


Managers not only experience stress themselves, they are also confronted with employees who experience stress as well. In order to intervene in a timely manner and to prevent or limit the negative consequences, it is essential that a manager recognises the symptoms of stress.

For you?

For companies that want to support their managers in recognising and managing stress, in order to increase resilience in the workplace.


  • First, we briefly outline a theoretical framework in which we highlight the causes and consequences of stress (with an emphasis on work-related factors).
  • The second part focuses on solution-oriented and interactive working. Participants exchange experiences and receive practical exercises to train their resilience techniques. We also offer a guideline for entering into discussions with employees about stress, burnout, and resilience. Not only what you say, but how you conduct such a discussion will be covered.
  • The workshop ends with a personal and concrete action plan, in which the manager receives individual advice to cope with stress in a resilient way.


Your manager will gain insight into their own resilience. They also learn how to support employees in stressful situations, including by talking about it.

Pratical details

The workshop has a maximum of 15 participants and lasts a half or a full day (in case of extensive practising of the stress discussion).


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